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Business and property owners post here if you are seeking artist proposals for your mural project, upload photos and more...

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    Our 2 story apartment building needs 2 murals! Located across from Hotel Park Central, Next to Hot Yoga Downtown. 109 Elm St. SE 87102.

    2 walls, about Height 30′ X Width 60′-100′

    Please contact Joey via email or text for info. 505-459-1333


    My name is Terrance I am a local artist in Albuquerque, who is passionate about my artwork. I am interested in painting these murals downtown if they are still available. If they are, please let me know what ideas you had in mind if any. I am available to start as soon as the end of this week! and, I could send you pictures of my style.
    Thank you.



    I’m looking to get more of my art up publicly, I have a website if you would like to see the range of work I do. I’m always open for collaboration. http://www.therdai.com


    I’d love a chance to chat with you about this project. I live in Colorado Springs and I’m always willing to do some fun artwork. Here’s one I did last June. Feel free to reach out via email or phone. I’d love a chance to chat with you about this project. I live in Colorado Springs and I’m always willing to do some fun artwork. Feel free to reach out via email or phone. SignGnome@gmail.com (720)446-6637

    Curtis Pink

    It is all in a good story. The creation of myth and magic through words, sound, paint, ink… noise. Without context noise becomes chaos, cacophony, raw unfiltered madness. My goal or vision if I dare sound grandiose is to create noise that travels with purpose to tell the stories of the world around me.
    My stories are about that world. It is a world in which the homeless man on the corner is painted as a wandering traveler, where deceased family members watch over us in the form of antlered spirits. It is a world where people wear raven suits and jellyfish shine like stars. Each painting and sculpture is a snapshot of the idea that we create the world we live in.
    I use painting, sculpture and printmaking equally to create works inspired by the energy of cityscapes and surreal daydreams that occur in my head. I work on several pieces at a time with the intent of creating work that can be viewed as coming from the same world using a variety of techniques including both traditional methods and a street artists approach. This results in work that has a finished yet raw look to it. The combination of dripping paint, clean lines and multi-layered collage looks all form a cohesive style that represents the world around me as I see it. It is my intent to create images that challenge the perception that art has to be separate from life.
    If you would like to check out more of my work head on over to http://www.nomadiknoize.com.
    I would love to link up and talk about your project.


    Hello, My name is Alicia A. Romero. Introduction to this Mural Love came from my IOP sponsor named Star. I am currently going through group classes and I have had a huge change of life. I love art and have currently worked on a mural during one of our group classes. I Believe in art therapy and have recently conducted a couple of representations for the group classes. I will soon download my art work but most would be how I have tattooed myself and I am my own walking portfolio. Not only do I have the artistic abilities but I have a lot of our New Mexican Tradition that needs to be brought back to our society. Our Culture, Our Healing, and Tradition that has been lost… What has been lost can be found. I have seen this brought back in art form. Stories that can be told or put on our walls to show our New Mexican Tradition that connects us all as one even though in life we may have felt discriminated. Tradition needs to live on how at one time we all worked together and weren’t divided. This Mural Love is beautiful! I would love to be apart of this opportunity! I felt the need to reach out and express how important this Mural Love is! Light and Love coming from Alicia A. Romero De Taos! Hope to hear back!


    Is this project is still available? Please review my work and contact me at harknessarts.com if interested!

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