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    Being one of New Mexicos most prolific muralists, you may know my work. From the forest ocean sides of Oregon, to the Louisiana bayous, I have painted murals that peak out from immense magical landscapes of the nation. Images of dancing sugar skulls adorned with roses in the Southwest, to portraits of international activists with profound quotes in Oakland. When an inspirational vision comes at me, whether it be a person, color, or pattern, it is perfectly clear that it must be part of my next piece. When the deep visions I feel within myself, collage themselves into vibrant stories visually depicted on a massive wall side, I feel the most complete as a being. My murals have covered massive walls from most of the West Coast, including a few oversea locations, Hawaii and Colombia. It is my absolute calling to paint.
    My motivation of this impactful output comes from my own love of public mural art. Growing up reading and studying of the great renaissance muralists, infamous graffiti artists, and the temple scribes from Peru to Egypt, I realized that visual communication is Universal language. Today, I am proposing a mural for the Sunport Swimming Pool in Albuquerque. I have done a series of different poolside murals and they are always a successful enhancment.
    The mural I would like to paint for the poolside would be a wildlife scenery of the animals that live within the New Mexico Rio Grande region. The deep background of the mural would be colorful, geometric mandala patterns that represent a New Mexico sunset/evening sky. The foreground of the artwork would illustrate Sandhill Cranes, Rio Grande Caribou, Mexican Grey Wolf, Roadrunners, and a mountain lion. The idea of the mural is to feel as if your swimming through the Rio Grande River while being in the pool, while the colorful wildlife images share the riverside banks. This mural is designed for a 7 foot by 100 foot area. The Call for Murals did not add the specific dimensions of the offered spaces so I assume the long pool wall is what is available. This mural would take about a week to execute and about a $400 material budget. This mural would bring much life and fun color for the Albuquerque community.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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