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Post here if you are an artist proposing a mural or just want to show off your portfolio. Upload photos, share your website and more...   >

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    Syd Linkletter

    The result of a fruitless dance career.
    At age 17, Syd Linkletter entertained the notion of becoming a hip hop dancer, like one does.
    Failure of their first and only dance class has lead them where they are now, to working for national and international clients in the art industry, producing children’s and comic books, regular participation in the local film community, appearing on the cover of the Weekly Alibi, and Lots of fan art.
    Showing that one action can acutely affect someone’s future, from bungling a handstand to landing book deals.
    A denizen of New Mexico, Linkletter has been an art and design recluse from infancy, bringing digital art prints and original acrylic and gouache paintings in Pop Art Cartooning and Comic styles. Eager to sink their teeth in, Linkletter welcomes creative challenges and goals.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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