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    My name is AJ Romero and I started my artistic adventure around the age of six and continued throughout my childhood, teenage years and now adulthood. Starting out I was very interested in the Street art and urban culture side of art. For me, this was a good starting point to gain a basic understanding of art. As I’ve grown older, I have wanted to challenge myself with new forms of art styles that better express myself and are appreciated more so by a larger audience. I have done and collaborated many art murals around Albuquerque over the years and in most recent years including the current Rick and Morty Cartoon Mural on Chelwood and Copper, the Breaking Bad mural located on central, including the previous Zombie girl Mural that was at the same location prior and the company logo mural at the Red Door Brewing Co. on Central.

    If given the chance, I would love to work with the city of Albuquerque to create an art piece that is long lasting, beautiful and brings joy to the city. With my artwork, I am adaptable, knowledgeable and understanding of all that goes into projects, including planning, budgets, permits, and timeliness. I will work with you in any way necessary to make sure an art piece that is desired will be delivered. My main mediums of choice are Spray Paint and acrylic paint but can also work with others.

    Thank you for your review

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