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Business and property owners post here if you are seeking artist proposals for your mural project, upload photos and more...

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    2 story wall seeking artist: located in the alley between Girard & Vassar just north of Silver. The company located in the building is willing to contribute funds. The company would like the project to be part of a larger alley activation & safety initiative.

    Curtis Pink


    My name is Damien Davies and I am interested in your project.
    It is all in a good story. The creation of myth and magic through words, sound, paint, ink… noise. Without context noise becomes chaos, cacophony, raw unfiltered madness. My goal or vision if I dare sound grandiose is to create noise that travels with purpose to tell the stories of the world around me.
    My stories are about that world. It is a world in which the homeless man on the corner is painted as a wandering traveler, where deceased family members watch over us in the form of antlered spirits. It is a world where people wear raven suits and jellyfish shine like stars. Each painting and sculpture is a snapshot of the idea that we create the world we live in.
    I use painting, sculpture and printmaking equally to create works inspired by the energy of cityscapes and surreal daydreams that occur in my head. I work on several pieces at a time with the intent of creating work that can be viewed as coming from the same world using a variety of techniques including both traditional methods and a street artists approach. This results in work that has a finished yet raw look to it. The combination of dripping paint, clean lines and multi-layered collage looks all form a cohesive style that represents the world around me as I see it. It is my intent to create images that challenge the perception that art has to be separate from life.I work in a variety of media and have been painting murals for over 15 years. You can find some of my painting work at http://www.nomadiknoize.com or find me on instagram at nomadiknoize. I have painted several murals in Albuquerque as well as recently taking part in the Street art City project in the Netherlands. This year marks my second taking part in the We are this city united by paint project.Please let me know if you would like to meet and perhaps look over a wider variety of my work as well as discuss ideas for your wall.


    I would love to work with you and am available. my email is therdai.design@gmail.com and phone number is 5059996868. My online gallery is instagram.com/therdai


    Hi there! I’m interested in helping you bring some beauty to your wall! Please see below for my bio, contact info, and images 🙂 I’m only able to upload 4 images so please let me know if you’d like to see more! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Mr. Melty was born in the colorful and historical “Land of Enchantment”. The nature and landscapes he was surrounded with mixed with artistic influences at home from his Grandfather and Father shaped his interest in art. His artwork often consists of mountainous and desert landscapes layered with a unique kaleidoscopic-like vision. He is formally educated with a BFA in Illustration and has been creating art professionally for over 13 years. Music and painting live at shows have been a large part of what has shaped his love for psychedelic and visionary art. His passion for drawing and painting has also transformed into a career in creating murals across the US and a love for art in the digital realm as he’s been designing event posters in the music industry over a decade now.

    IG: @Mr.Melty
    E-Mail: Mrmeltyart@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.mrmelty.com
    Phone: 424.625.2303

    Julie Deery

    I have not seen the walls in person but would be interested in the project. I have many years of experience working with schools, neighborhoods, and community members. Mosaic is my specialty and I do not mind collaborating with other artists.
    Julie Deery


    Four Albuquerque women sharing art and inspiration.
    Angelica “Jelly” Carrete, is NM born and raised tattooer, and painter, muralist, and designer. She excels at representing the natural world and adding her own touch of galactic stardust. From color to black and grey, realism to illustrative, Jelly is a well-rounded artist with an eye for fine detail.
    Kat “Flowerhead” D’Orazio is a tattooer, illustrator, and sculptor who specializes in surreal environments and magical critters with geometric flair. Her personal art often explores coping with emotions and exploring one’s inner space.
    Melanie Antrom is a painter, poet, photographer, and mixed-media artist. Her work often takes the form of organic textures and patterns as well as distorted visions of the cityscape. Her work is not only visually arresting in the end result, it also represents a meditative and healing process that she invites the viewer to join.
    Christine Rehme is a painter and street artist who works with acrylic, spray cans, stencils, and marker. She uses her artwork as a vehicle for bold social commentary, bringing gritty truths and harsh realities into a colorful and engaging story told through art.

    Together we are the Wasteland Warriors.


    Hi, sounds like an amazing project. I’d love to talk and figure something out. I’m confident that I can create a mural that will deliver exactly what you need. I’m on a new iPad now so I don’t have pictures on this gallery but you can see my work on instagram under the name @oldsoulism . I am also a sign painter- I have studied layouts and color usage and juxtaposition from an advertising perspective which is more geared toward reaching a certain demographic. Using art and advertising aspects, the type of mural that you’re looking for is basically what I’m an expert with. Give me a shout any time (505)350-1623 . My name is Ron.


    Please see attached for a few examples of my work.


    Sounds like a great project! I’m definitely interested in being involved with this vision if at all possible. Here are a few examples of my work.
    Contact : release1201@gmail.com



    Are you still seeking an artist for this? If so I’m interested. Attached is a sample of my work.

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