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    Four Albuquerque women sharing art and inspiration.
    Angelica “Jelly” Carrete, is NM born and raised tattooer, and painter, muralist, and designer. She excels at representing the natural world and adding her own touch of galactic stardust. From color to black and grey, realism to illustrative, Jelly is a well-rounded artist with an eye for fine detail.
    Kat “Flowerhead” D’Orazio is a tattooer, illustrator, and sculptor who specializes in surreal environments and magical critters with geometric flair. Her personal art often explores coping with emotions and exploring one’s inner space.
    Melanie Antrom is a painter, poet, photographer, and mixed-media artist. Her work often takes the form of organic textures and patterns as well as distorted visions of the cityscape. Her work is not only visually arresting in the end result, it also represents a meditative and healing process that she invites the viewer to join.
    Christine Rehme is a painter and street artist who works with acrylic, spray cans, stencils, and marker. She uses her artwork as a vehicle for bold social commentary, bringing gritty truths and harsh realities into a colorful and engaging story told through art.

    Together we are the Wasteland Warriors.

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