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blue horney toad painted on white wall Photo of person walking infront of a colorful and fun mural of downtown Albuquerque. mural of sunset prickly pear black and white line mural of spirit room mural of kokopelli light worshipers mural of woodpecker merging with cactus flowers Photo of a large mural of two kissing metallic pigs with wings on a dark background. scene of flora and fauna mural on wall mural of feathered figures mural of metal block car pile-up Photo of a mural of a strnge creature sitting down that is kind of a cross between a human sketeton body and a bird head with circles surrounding it. mural of girl petting chicken mural of block faces Simple line mural of a woman's head with a heart in it in only two colors. like a rose mural of stripped profile Tall mural of a futurist totom-pole of high-tech superhero capes Large white letters spelling AZUL amidst blue imagery mural of honey bee geometry mural on abounding that looks like the farmers market but flat Three sets of hands facing downward toward a circle Dramatic and colorful mural of abstract shapes with lots of motion. It looks like outerspace. mural of woman with braided hair mural of starry night angles black and white line mural desert basin and lettering school yard scene in a mural Rudolfo Anaya portrait with howling wolf and two large pink roses mural of balloon city cubist style woman with flowers in her hair mural of woodland creature realistic painting of Rio Grande river on wall Photo in a small alley of a large mural with a stylized rainbow and two crow heads. One is upside-down. mural of song bird cubism ethereal abstract mural black and white mural of man painting model train mural of city scene in desert hue mural of waves still life mural painting block letters filled with images of NM Small series of birds flying over flowers mural of ice man in fractals mosaic sun stick figure art murals on wall downtown golden glowing arch painted on wall mural of scrambled face photo of tile mosaic art of figure Large green jackalope drinking water black and white spaghetti monster mural painting Tall earthy trees above white background hand gesturing toward lettering painted on wall Mexican style mural of chili harvest mosaic stick man art mural of eye in the wall mural of flying bird pixels chilling skeletons mural on shipping container mural on house of sassy lady twirling hair puffed line mural and sky mural of praying hands Photo of a round abstract mural that looks like a petri dish. mural of man releasing arrow mural of sassy lady looking over her shoulder photo of mosaic wall Funny 3D mural of firemen and firetrucks. Sticks out of wall maybe 10 inches in parts. mural of bats and prickly pear detail shot of bird painting and mosaic design Very cool mural inside a resturant of a womans head with the moon and stars inside of it. It feels like summer or the desert sun. Crazy and colorful photo of a mural that has been spraypainted on a freestanding wall. Close up photo of a colorful comic inspired mural that has a young indian boy painted on it in the style of superman. Woman Wearing NM United Attire Flexing Arm Photo of mural that looks like something out of a cold bad dream of a head with many faces and waves emmiting out of it. Photo of a graphic mural of a bust of vintage train engineeer. Photo of a large bank building from a distance with a small but long horizontal mural on a wall below it. black and white mural of woman breastfeeding mural of Our Lady in ceramic tiles Abstract mural of a snake created from shapes. Boxer standing in front of colorful background Mural of graphic desert life dots Photo of the muraists large botanical painting on the side of a building. mural of female spirits in offering mural of masked birdmen Various murals in alley mural of mysterious man centered in nobb hill A botanical mural on a corner of downtown Albuquerque. Pastel mural with stylized bacteria mural of fist crunching cartoon mural of indian woman closing eyes mural of woman with flowing hair and bird with nest mural of shadow figures on colorful wall paper mural of stag in mosaic mural of mosaic box among flowers photo of bright mural design classic style wall mural of horse drawn carriage Planets and other symbols of alternative health methods lively painting of female figures on wall man painting mural of overlapping rays mural of French Bulldog in Chrome mural of enchanted animal forest man in painted desert scene painted on wall hummingbird mural mural of fish-eyed letters reading stay gold mural of the people on wall Mural on freestanding wall of a face and birdsongs coming from the frame. mural of figure being pulled by spirits Silhouette of mother and child inside a sunburst mural of elementary style blocks mural of woman with smoking eyes girl discovers butterfly against New Mexico symbol mural Very friendly mural of a cartoonish young woman floating in a cool dreamscape with cotton candy clouds. mural of boy with corn A photo of a three murals side by side on a builinding of abstracted people and animals made up of tiny boxes and stuff. Photo of three murals side-by-side on a building wall of historical signs along Rt66 in Albuquerque. robot peace in a mural Floral vines and a tree in front of the Albuquerque skyline Abstract mural on patio at Zendo Coffe in Downtown Albuquerque A dated mural of people in a field and a rainbow. made of ceramic tiles. A large mural of a powerful looking confident woman. A trippy mural in just black and white of and abstracted universe. Kind of 70's inspired or like a black and white comic style. Creepy but cute creature painted on the side of a wall as a mural. Looks like it lives in a fabric store. photo of tile mosaic art show mural of cartoon boy good vs evil Tribal snake mural with bits of aztec symbolism Mural that looks inspired by Diego riviera hand in fist holding the caduceus mural of letters and lines of color Repeating pattern of shapes painting of cars on highway in desert mural portrait of Frida Kahlo mural on a freestanding wall of a futuristic shaman creature. a little bit anime. Mural of an older hispanic woman's portrait with roses. mural of honey bees Mural that is green like grass or money that looks like a symbol of the illuninati's all seeing eye. Five figures in bear costumes hand in fist holding the caduceus Mucha style girl with flowers mural painting cartoon animal in cactus costume mural mural of bird dance over house design mural of artichoke and arrow mural of little ninja on line designs mural of ancestral farm mural of two pixelated figureskissing mural of smoking Indian salute Black and white mural by Larry Bob Phillips Plains of New Mexico and friends mural Healing Hands and Rod of Asclepius in desert landscape mural of community cultivated land mural of flower space collage Large yellow letters and screaming soccer fans tree painted on wall mural of La Paz painted on tower